F-Secure KEY 4.9.58 Update Version Free Crack Download

F-Secure KEY

F-Secure KEY 4.9.58 Update Version Full Crack Download

F-Secure KEY


F-Secure KEY 4.9.58 Update Version Full Crack

F-Secure KEY 4.9.58 Update Version Full password generator will create a strong, unique password for you. There is no need to memorize lots of different passwords as KEY will do that for you. You can now store all your important credentials in one secure password manager. All you need to do is just set your Master Password, and that is the only password you’ll ever need to remember.


Key Benefits of F-Secure KEY 4.9.58 Update Version Full Crack:

  • Store all your passwords, logins, emails, PIN codes and other credentials securely.
  • Generate strong passwords for your services and accounts.
  • Auto-fill your passwords on log-in pages in your web browser (Android, PC, Mac).

F-Secure KEY

There are many users who have numerous accounts protecting their online identity on various websites, and sometimes it might be difficult to remember which password was used for which account, considering it is not advisable to use the same password for all accounts. For such situations, a dedicated password managing app like F-Secure KEYcan come in handy.

F-Secure KEY


The utility installs smoothly on your computer and you need to specify a master password that will be used to access the items stored within.If you do not use the PC for a few minutes, the application automatically locks and you need to enter the passkey to unlock it.

When you want to add a new record, you need to assign it a relevant name, enter the URL where you plan to use the credentials, then enter the username and password.You can also easily locate a certain entry using the Search box integrated within the main window of F-Secure KEY.

Conclusion of F-Secure KEY 4.9.58 Update Version Full:

If you want to make sure that your account is safe and that nobody can break your password, you can rely on the dedicated component within F-Secure KEY to generate a strong one. You can select the type of characters that should be use (numbers, upper or lowercase letter or special symbols), as well as the length of the pass code.

F-Secure KEY

Another important feature of F-Secure KEY is that you can synchronize data between your computer app and a mobile one, provided you installed the corresponding software on your Android handsetor on your iPhone.

All in all, F-Secure KEY can help you not only organize and store all your credentials in a single place, but it can also protect them using the master password you defined – you can also change it on a regular basis, to increase its security.


  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • For Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

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