GClean 2018.146 Crack Full Version Free Download

GClean 2018.146 Crack

GClean 2018.146 Crack Full Version Free Download

GClean 2018.146 Crack


GClean 2018.146 Crack Full:

GClean 2018.146 Crack provides users with lots of really useful services. Unfortunately, users pay for this convenience, as Google uses its online services to gather personal data about its users. GClean, from Abelssoft, has been developed to synchronize with the latest Internet browsers, and offers an easy-to-use interface coupled with some powerful tools that prevent data from being sent to Google.

Google Desktop, Google Toolbar, Chrome, Picasa and Earth: Almost every Google app sends some sort of information back to Google. GoogleClean prevents Google apps from sending any unnecessary personal information. With GoogleClean user IDs can be made anonymous, personal data can be deleted and spy cookies can be destroyed.

GClean 2018.146 Crack

Key Features of GClean 2018.146 Crack include:

  • Deletes traces: deletes traces of Google apps on your computer.
  • Automatic trace watcher: automatically check for, and cleanup, Google app traces.
  • Prevents spying: turns off the espionage features of various Google apps.

GoogleClean is a very useful little app, for those of you who are security conscious. With it, you can delete traces automatically, rather than having to run through them manually. You can remove cookies, delete DOM cookies, and delete form data and saved passwords.

Overall, GoogleClean is able to detect services from numerous Google apps, such as Google Mail, Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome, Google Analytics, Google Toolbar, Google Desktop Search, Google Earth, Google Updater and Picasa. Most usefully, though, with GoogleClean it’s possible to delete the browsing history, clear the download list, remove all cookies, clear the cache, clear saved form data, and forget saved passwords from Google’s massively popular web browser, Chrome.

GClean 2018.146 Crack

Prevent the transfer of your data:

“GClean” ensures silence with the Google programs “Chrome”, “Google Earth”, “Picasa”, “Google Toolbar”, “Google Desktop” and “Google Updater” with only a few mouse clicks. The same applies to web applications such as “Gmail”, “Google Maps” and the classic search function. Furthermore, the free software prevents your browser from informing the service “Google Analytics” about which websites you visit. The Google tracking cookies as well as the particularly meaningful YouTube Flash cookies remove the program for you. The latter show which movies you watched on YouTube. Unlike traditional cookies, they have no expiration date and are not affected by normal cookie deletion. The tool analyzes the browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

Customize Chrome security settings:

With “GClean” even beginners change the security options of the Chrome browser without problems. For example, you can set whether, for example, forms should be filled out automatically, crash reports and faulty URLs transmitted or a DNS prefetching carried out. There are also cleaning features to protect privacy. To do this, simply delete the browsing history, cookies, cache or form data with a mouse click.

Submit an appeal against Google Street View:

“GClean” also helps to resolve other privacy issues: The software includes a wizard that generates a few simple steps in a letter of opposition against the image of your home or house on “Google Street View”. The program uses the recommendation of the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection. In addition, you have the option to request the deletion of individual links from the Google index via “GClean”. One click is enough, and the corresponding form opens in the browser or within “GClean”.

Unlock computer game image for free:

So that you can use “GClean” for free, enter after the first program start only your email address, the name and first name and confirm the terms and conditions. By clicking on the button “Request activation free of charge” a registration will be made online and the program will be activated.

GClean Pro with real-time protection:

If you update the free CBE version of “GClean” to the paid Pro version, you have the “Google Radar” available. This feature runs in the background, monitors all Google programs and removes telltale data traces as they emerge.


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  • Windows 8
  • For Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

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  • Follow The Instructions.
  • All Done Enjoy Software.
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