PDF Page Lock 2.0.4 Latest Crack Full Version Free Download

PDF Page Lock 2.0.4

PDF Page Lock 2.0.4 Latest Crack Full Version Free Download

PDF Page Lock 2.0.4


PDF Page Lock 2.0.4 Latest Crack

PDF Page Lock enables users to lock or hide selected pages of a PDF document with a password. With PDF Page Lock, users could hide or lock selected pages of a PDF file while leaving all other pages available.

Features of PDF Page Lock 2.0.4 Latest Crack include:

  • Password Encryption
  • 1-Click Unlock
  • Hide PDF Pages
  • AES-256 encryption algorithm

The document in whole remains accessible on any computer, while the locked pages become protected. Hide or lock confidential pages of your PDF documents whilst leaving required pages open and available.

If you ever worked with PDFs on your computer, you probably wished to hide or lock only parts of it instead of encrypting the whole document by using your viewer’s native capabilities.

PDF Page Lock is one of the applications that can help you to either lock or hide certain pages from your document by simply configuring a password.

PDF Page Lock 2.0.4

Hide or lock PDF pages

As stated above, you can opt for this application if you need to lock or hide only specific parts of your documents away from curious eyes as simply as typing a password in a designated field.

Once you open a document you will view a list of pages along with each of their status in the left part of the screen. You can lock, hide and unlock each page individually and unlock them all at once by using the bottom-left corner buttons.

Set a password

PDF Page Lock also provides you with a preview of the pages you want to process so that you don’t accidentally lock a page you didn’t mean to. As for the actual locking process, you just have to click the “Save” button to trigger the next action.

After clicking the “Save” button, you need to define a password by merely typing it in the designated field and hitting the “Save” or “Save As” buttons, which can overwrite the original document or save it as a copy somewhere else on your PC.

PDF Page Lock 2.0.4

Handy document page locker

All in all, if you’re considering locking some of your PDF’s pages or simply hiding them, you can safely rely on PDF Page Lock, since it provides you with everything you need to do so and it’s simple enough to be used even by novices. Its interface is simplistic, its controls are highly intuitive and it doesn’t require any advanced configuration in order to make use of its functions.


  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • For Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

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  • All Done Enjoy Software.
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